Know Your Worth & Then Add Tax! 

Sis it's time to address the elephant in the room! Your love life! Are you receiving the love you truly deserve or are you settling for the bare minimum? The Fact is we must first find love within ourselves for ourselves before we are able to get what we truly desire from someone else. Knowing your true worth and honoring that value will

  • Position you to receive the love you truly deserve
  • Help you achieve supreme confidence in your identity 
  • Eliminate false insecurities 
  • Increase your self love, self awareness, and self value
  • Identify the truth about what truly makes you happy 
  • Eliminate your excuses for settling for less

Buying this bundle today includes:

The Relationship Series

3 part series & live coaching session

  • Position yourself for the love you deserve not the love you settle for.
  • The gift of wholeness
  • Self awareness, self love, self worth.
  • Live coaching and Q&A session with Coach Royal


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