Prayer and Purpose 3 day shut down

Prayer sessions- Coaching Sessions - Strategic Planning - Live Q&A & More

  • Empowered to empower
  • birth the vision
  • purpose through prayer
  • execute the plan

Are you ready to give birth to the vision God has given you? Has God given you the gift to empower others but you don't know how or where to start? Are you ready to take the limits off your life and step into the purpose of God for your life? Lock in with Coach Royal for 3 days as we go to the next level in purpose and plan out the necessary steps for you to give birth to the purpose of God for your life in 2021. This is hands on intensive coaching and spots are limited. This intensive coaching is for the ladies who are ready to work and produce results. You will leave this 3 day intensive coaching with confidence, clear vision, and an actionable step by step plan to birth the vision of God for your life. You ready? Spots are limited. Secure your spot now!

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