Enrollment Closes In


Hundreds of women of faith have completed this program and launched into their Purpose and increased their Profitability as New Life Coaches! 

Now It's Your Turn! 

You are a woman of empowerment and faith ready to increase your impact and income. You have the calling on your life to empower impact and inspire others but now it's time to maximize your gift of empowerment and allow it to make room for you.

This is your confirmation that you are need to start your coaching business

Your gift is purposed to transform lives and it's time for you to step into your authority as The Go To Coach! 

Before becoming a life coach

  • Absolutely drained from living life beneath your full potential

  • Intimidated by the thought of showing up online and getting coaching clients

  • Confused about how to package your passion and expertise into a transformative experience and coaching program

  • Frustrated with the lack of clarity concerning who you're called to impact and the problem you're called to solve.

  • Tired of being inconsistent in your calling of empowerment because of lack of clarity on how to turn your gift into a profitable coaching business

After becoming a life coach

  • Confident in your ability to help others transform their lives 

  • Fulfilling your life's purpose as a leader and coach

  • Booked out calendar with paid clients who value your wisdom and expertise

  • Full clarity on how you stand out as the Go To Coach in your industry

  • Unlimited financial opportunities through coaching, speaking, collaborations and more as a leader in your industry

5 Signs That You Are Called To Coach

  • You are passionate about empowering, impacting and inspiring others.

  • You are a woman who is passionate about transforming the lives of other

  • You see potential in others even when they can't see it in themselves

  • You value personal development for yourself & others

  • You know you have potential to make high level impact and income