Farewell 2020!

We are moving on and none of our favorite courses are going with us in 2021! This will be your last and final chance to grab these life shifting courses before they're gone for good! Every last one of these products are customer favs and have proven to transform the lives of so many women! 

Here's what's included:

  • The Metamorphosis book: 5 stages of birthing your purpose
  • Godfidence -Supreme confidence bundle: 4 webinars, 5 empowerment sessions, Godfidence ebook
  • The worth series- Self worth Bundle: 3 part masterclass
  • The Metamorphosis -5 part Birthing Purpose Course
  • Content is king: Beginner Canva course
  • Existence Affirmed: Ebook & 7 part Affirmation course

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Coach before I started with you I never had this much confidence in god over my life. When I say I'm talking different! You have taught me to have authority over my life.


I didn't realize that my confidence in myself before this coaching was as low as it was. I would have considered myself to be a confident person, but by the end of this coaching, I realized that I wasn't as confident as I thought. I had low confidence in the way that God created me and expected me to move. I'm so grateful for His Word and for what He used you to do in my life! I needed my confidence in myself to be renewed by renewing my confidence in God and in His plans. Everything that was said throughout the five days hit where it needed to, but on the fifth day, something honestly shifted. I'm so glad God led me to take part in this Godfidence coaching & I'm beyond grateful for this entire experience. Seriously all glory to God. He's moving mightily!

Shanika Inman
Coaching with Coach Royal

My confidence prior to coaching I was lost. I did not believe in myself at all I did not know how to pray effectively or tap into my gifts or even figure out who my true identity was in christ. My confidence now is much different I'm understanding what I lack I'm understanding how to tap into my gifts and stop being lazy and not doubt myself in what God has put on my heart. So I feel good about my confidence in god because his word says I can do ALL things. So there is no excuse for not me to achieve that goal I want to achieve I am that girl that's going to live a life I desire.and that's in gods will. This coaching has impacted me a lot because just coming from a lost place of all these issues and hurt I was holding on to. I have learned in this coaching is to let everything go and sit in the presence of God is an amazing feeling. I'm happy about what's to come in my life. I'm walking different I'm talking different.and I would like to continue my Coaching with you.

Shakia Curry
Godfidence Coaching

I’ll start off by saying, prior to the God conference. I really focus on everything people close ,said about me. Now after the five days of coaching ,it have impact me to share with others. To focus on what God says about you

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work God bless

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