High Impact Women of Empowerment all over the world are doing what they love for a living! Empowering, inspiring and impacting the lives of people globally and increasing in revenue while doing it! 

Now It's Your Turn! 

But before you empower you must first be empowered! You need a space where you can be poured into before you pour out! You need the strategy plan and tools to birth your God sized idea this year with supreme confidence, unwavering faith and cutting edge strategy.

We are kingdom leaders, coaches, and women of empowerment that means we operate at a different standard and must be a step above the rest! 

It's time to take your movement, your life, and your content to the next level so that you can increase in impact and income!

Before joining the Masterclass

  • Overwhelmed with the thought of elevating God's vision for your empowerment movement

  • Intimidated by the thought of showing up online with authority and confidence

  • Confused about how to create next level content that attracts YOUR TRIBE

  • Feeling as if you're constantly pouring into others but no one pours into you

  • Tired of being inconsistent in your calling of empowerment because of lack of clarity on how to turn your gift into a profitable movement

After joining the Masterclass

  • Attracting people who value your gift and willing to make an investment
  • Showing up online with boldness, authority and confidence to produce results

  • Empowered to walk in your calling with supreme confidence and boldness

  • Creating Magnetic and effective content on your social media platforms

  • Fulfilling your KINGDOM assignment for women of faith called to empower



Is this masterclass live?

Yes this is a live masterclass. Price goes up on the replay!

Do I have to be a life coach to attend?

NOPE! This event is for all women of empowerment

What if I miss it?

You will receive the replay honored at current price if you purchase before event start date

What are my payment options?

Pay in full on your debit or credit card or break down the payment using shop pay paypal or sezzle on our site. All payments are non refundable.