Now accepting applications for new one on one clients!!

Would Any OfThese Describe you right now?

You are a woman of faith and empowerment finding yourself in a position where you are ready to expand your reach and make a greater impact and income.

You are constantly pouring into others, being everyone's go to girl and everyone's fountain of wisdom. While you enjoy being the advice giver you now realize that there has to be a BIGGER purpose for God calling you to be everybody's GO TO. There is potential here for you to tap into another level of your purpose while creating financial freedom for yourself and your family. 

You have been impactful with your empowering platform but now you're ready to package your wisdom into a program and help people effectively achieve the change and results they desire. You feel like God is pulling you in this direction and you can't seem to shake it. 

This is your confirmation that you are in the right place.

You are tired of being the exhausted and drained go to girl it is time for you to shift into the purposeful and profitable go to coach.

You wish someone could give you the step by step to build your coaching business from start to finish LOOK NO FURTHER because the time is now! 

I am going to fully equip you with everything you need to make the shift from go to girl to go to coach.

Apply for our coaching for coaches program here's what you get

We Bridge Together Your Passion & Skillset to create a thriving and highly effective coaching business! Serving any 

coaching niche!

  • 12 weeks hands on training 

  • Signature coaching program

  • Coaching sales strategy

  • Coaching content strategy

  • Coaching fundamentals

  • Faith & Mindset training

  • Coaching Call Flow

  • On boarding templates

  • On boarding templates and more

Are you the go to girl in your industry? We help Service providers who are looking to package their knowledge and expertise into a signature program to generate another source of income, limit the amount of time you spend servicing clients face to face, and eliminate hours of exhaustion on your feet. 
This includes but, not limited to:

  • Hairstylist

  • Makeup Artist

  • Lash Techs & More

Your testimony was never meant for you to keep it to yourself! The process that God has allowed you to overcome can be put into actionable steps to help someone else! Use your story! We help everyday go to girls just like you go from being the go to person for just their friends and family to the go to coach for people around the world that needs your wisdom and experience. Just as we did for the women below who have already began booking clients!

Hear what real women are saying about their experience with Coach Royal

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