The Power Of The Go To Girl: Part 1



Answer the following questions. Remember there is no right or wrong answer sis.

Lets make it purposeful!:

1. Why do people come to me?

2.Why is my insight valuable?

3.What do they come to me for most?

4.What do I have that People need?

5.How can I expand on that need?



  • Posted on by Shanteria

    Hey sisters ! So excited to join this sisterhood – 1. People come to me because of my aura , my love for Christ and the way that I treat others . It’s always a judge free zone With me and I love pouring Positivity into women . 2.My insight is Valuable Because it helps me give them the best advice possible , it allows me to give a deeper connection with what the person may be going through . 3. Most people come to me for advice on navigating in the entertainment industry , how to balance a healthy Christ like life in this industry , relationship problems and more ..sometimes I’m overwhelmed when it becomes about mental health issues 4. I have a big heart full of gods love that people need for them to be their most authentic self,A spiriTual intervention. 5. Expanding my knowledge of my gifts , praying more for purposeful like minded individuals to help bring the right energy around me to know when some things are not of good in my ear

  • Posted on by Angel Robinson

    Shanika I feel you so much with saying no. I literally had to train myself on how to do it consciously, one situation at a time.

    Are you like me? I don’t honestly try to engage ppl with my issues. My thoughts have been that I internalize ppl going through things and observe how they handle. When they are overwhelmed I don’t feel ok with “ burdening” folks with my stuff.

    I am so grateful to have other strong women in our group. Honestly, it helps me with feeling comfortable being in my truth bc I feel we can “handle it.”

  • Posted on by Shanika

    1.Why do people come to me? Because I have alot of knowledge about alot things they are going through. And because I’m also a great listener. A great helper I would do anything in me to help them it’s like I can’t say “NO”. 2. Why is my insight so valuable? I guess because I can change there mines and hopefully they can take my advice about the situation that they are going through. 3. What do they come to you for? Its mostly about be everybody tea and there relationship issues or they need help with something because they know once they call me and say I need you to etc done I’m there. 4. What do I have that people need? Well I have alot of knowledge about me being in relationships. And I’m going to just give you the real. But sometimes I hold back because I really don’t want to offend them with what I want to say and I don’t want to be a failure to them or not a good friend or sister to them . How can I expand on that need? Well first i can stop with all the gossip tea because it is draining listening to other people tea. And I can just focus on helping them with there relationship issues. And how to move forward with other things in there life. I can also expand from it by asking them do you know anyone else I can help out. How can I set boundaries? Well first I can just not answer the phone for like a day or two because it is overwhelming sometimes when I feel like I pour and give so much. And then when it’s like when I’m going through my issues I can’t call them and I’m left alone dealing with things by myself. Or if I need help with etc I have to do it alone because they are always busy. It’s like I’m that go to girl but I can’t go to them for the same thing. Or They can’t help pour back into me about the same situation I just help them out with.

  • Posted on by Angel

    ✨✨ Evening sisters ✨✨

    I want to admit this series speaks to me deeply. I’ve often been the “go to girl,” but irony is it doesn’t come with golden fleeced carpet. It’s been full of inconsiderate people that haven’t minded exploiting me for themselves. Now, the oxymoron is I even made this my career. 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 lol… it sounds insane writing this out. But my truest fulfillment is when someone “gets it” rather it’s their strength, a “ah ha” moment or emotional breakthrough.

    This video reminded me of a spiritual leader telling me my voice was my power. I was not moved bc I’ve always felt unheard with quiet existence ( my safe place).

    So the lesson’s questions or ones I’d love to answer because my why is keeping me here, but I need a transition at the same time.

    1. People come to me “because I know you’re not going to judge me.” And I truly don’t because I value trust and the vulnerability it presents.

    2. I can’t say what makes ppl feel value in my insight. I am and have always been an empath. I ask good to give ppl the ability to “feel” my words and intention. When I do things emotion is fragile and it feels spiritual.

    3. People come to me for direction and release.

    4. I have God’s led spiritual intention, transparency of healing and positive genuine willingness to help those ppl “count out.” I love to love the people that seemed “dismissed.”

    5. Feeding and investing in further understanding my gifts. This question leads me into my present day. I’ve felt burned out and reinvented my population served career wise. As I get specific for purpose driven work my self work is more evident. I’m needing a place of refuge to refill. Boundaries to protect me. Not just physical self care, but deeper… more intuitive. I really feel my spiritual is my core element to align and fuel this season.

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