Purpose In Being The Go To!

How can we effectively use the gift of being "The Go To Girl" in your purpose?
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  • Posted on by Angel

    I do use my gift in my purpose daily. I have asked God to give me discernment to be able to feed and pour into the persons I engage daily. Rather it is empowerment, an urge to share testimony of where I have come from or simply connect someone to something they need to continue on their way. I understand not everyone I cross will need a whole lot, but I just pray for God to keep me convicted into alignment. So currently, I find myself to be exuding calm, patience and an aura of “okay.” In these times I am coming across more anxiety, panic, mental health and emotional senses of uncertainty so in our time together I try to provide a “brief moment” of peace and I’ve been able to hear what God identifies to be a substance to “pour in.”

    I’ve been using that during these times to level up while also keeping my boundaries. I’m proud to announce my ability to hear God is coming better and better. I have to sharpen my dumping skill now, to ensure no internalization and carry over residue to my family. As well as I am working on not “overworking” the company job, so that I can nurture the entrepreneurial opportunities I have before me.

  • Posted on by Liltessa Brown

    Honestly Shanice I never ever thought of it this way of being the go to girl. I mean all my friends and family always ask me for advice on all sorts of things and this series has opened my eyes to another purpose the God has for me. I can use this gift to empower other women to be a inspirational mouth piece for God, to enlist other women into the Royal society. I mean I can go on and on. I was once told that I was an investor for someone and I really never looked into it deeper and I fill like so many things have missed me and I am so happy to be a part of something to help me find my way back.

  • Posted on by Angel Robinson

    I can use the gift of being the “go to girl” immensely. Sharing inspiration and empowering information on my social media definitely is my way of motivating. Sharing testimonies can be another way to help ppl see how God’s will is working in me while reassuring their ability. Even in person to let God’s light glow within me.

    Discernment is a beautiful, scary thing for me. I know we laughed in a prior meet up how you can ask God to remove something and it works so well we are left like “wait… why lord?!” 😅 I feel that same impact with discernment. I can honestly say I’m working on my listening skills. Let’s just say I override discernment at times out of personal emotion. Ie. not wanting to make someone feel I’m being impersonal or just wanting to share when God’s spoken for me to hush my mouth. 🤦🏾‍♀️ But in true Godly fashion I get checked and my disobedience causes me stress and consistency consequence. So this video was good for me to reinforce the need to not just have, but IMPLEMENT the boundaries to preserve and keep me at my best to even be able to maintain my “go to girl” vibes.

  • Posted on by Shanteria

    I can use the gift of being the “Go To Girl “ by offering women industry coaching one on one , it can include building confidence in your runway walk / photoshoot poses . Introduce them to my sisterhood that pours nothing but greatness into me “ The Royal Society “ . I could post inspirational quotes and sermons that ties to what we as women deal with on a day to day basis . Strategic steps / audition tips when wanting to book with disney . Coaching calls that shows how Networking and supporting other women help leads to bookings . Provide a safe space for women to talk about their fears in the entertainment industry .

  • Posted on by Shanika Inman

    How I can use the gift of being “The Go To Girl”. Well first I can introduce them to shanice royal coaching and explain to them how her coaching help me overcome some of the same situations that they are dealing with. I can also send them sermons of my favorite pastor and bible scriptures. And explain to them at first I did not understand the bible. But I learned how to ask GOD for discernment, wisdom, knowledge, understanding of his word. I can so also tell them how to get active in there prayer life give them ideas on what I do. I can also introduce them to the apple family ministry that I became apart of and it helped me get closer to GOD.

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