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  • Posted on by Shanika inman

    My plan of action is for school: I remember when my dad passed away I made a post saying that I’m going to make him proud and be the first MD Inman I was praying and asking GOD for Confirmation So after that a prophet told me that GOD said I was going to walk across the stage with a degree in the medical field. So I found a college that I can get my degree online so I step out on faith contacted Keiser college met with my advisor passed my assessment test my made my profile for the school Financial aid is already taking care of and I will be starting in April of 2021. I will be that next NICU Nurse I can’t stop thinking about being a nurse I love babies so I know that is what I was called to do.

  • Posted on by Shanteria

    Amen sis ! I have confirmed and completed this plan of action. God has called me to birth Queendom Building an organization that uplifts, inspire , and push women to be their authentic selves. It provides tips on show biz, mastering anxiety and walking in your true purpose in the entertainment industry . God has confirmed to me the content that needs to be put out , as women we struggle with self identity crisis , comparison and so much more especially in the entertainment industry since it is based off competition. My plan is to provide real, raw, authentic monologues , live chats with other successful women and how they navigate throughout the industry , and so much more. One day this organization will be able to offer scholarships to women all around the world . It will offer one on one courses on how to book a gig , it will become a program based in Florida with creative teachers from all walks of life , merchandise and so much more .

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