Healthy Boundaries for the go to girl!

Set your own healthy boundaries:
List 5 boundaries that you are setting for yourself from this day forward! List them below. Not only should you set boundaries it's important to honor them! It may be difficult at first and may even make some people uncomfortable but remember it's what's best for you to be effective in your purpose. 


  • Posted on by Angel

    I first off want to acknowledge that THIS has been my biggest hiccup in being the “go to girl.” I have found myself internalizing as I’ve grown deeper into purpose, which discernment DID gratefully pull me out of. I literally have been in seasons of “coasting” due to me have enough awareness that I cannot internalize, but it also has been a connection I enjoy in being able to dive deep with ppl rather quickily to bring out change. This whole video is in my self care roladex…. protect my heart, protect my mind, do not internalize, TAKE TIME OUTS. Thank you Coach and God!!!! Permission is powerful and I admit I have to talk myself into giving myself permission to do “regular” things and/or to just relax and turn the brain down.

    So my five boundaries are:
    1. Stay in tuned with myself. Continue to give myself permission to check in with my comfort and honor those things that make me uncomfortable. Allow myself to regroup before sacrificing me in the name of making someone else better.

    2.Accept love. MY family is so solid. They deserve the BEST of me and it’s unfair for them to receive the exhaustion or internalization. Allowing them to love on me has actually helped relieve some of the internalization, but most of all I need that prayer cleansing time after work is over to realign and refresh my mind.

    3.KEEP my goals priority. I cannot do more for others than I do for myself with expectation God is going to magically push me into business, non profit and other entrepreneurial visions. Some opportunities have presented themselves, but ultimately I have still have to work at it. Giving too much leaves me empty and tired.

    4.Develop my routine. I literally squeeze in my spiritual time between either my fitness and/or between family time in the evenings. My spiritual is not a fit in. IT IS MANDATORY because it truly is my backbone to peace of mind.

    5.Gratitude is big to me and I must MAINTAIN. I love to have a heart of immense gratefulness because I know I have overcome the stereotype of my story. So no matter the blessing, glow up I keep my heart humble and close to God. So that is a healthy boundary I have to continue to nurture.

  • Posted on by Shanteria

    1. No social media At the start of my day / while at work
    2. Start telling people “Not right now “ lately I’ve been getting overwhelmed with always being the “Yes” girl and Now I feel that people would guilt trip me for it
    3. Respond to dating when in a healthy mindset
    4. Daily Self care routine on “dnd”when creating

  • Posted on by Shanika

    My 5 boundaries: 1. Start saying “NO” because I always been that “YES” girl even if I worked long hours and been taking care my baby all day soon as they say shanika can you do this can you do that Im always there. 2. Start speaking my mind because I usually I would just go along because I feel like if I say something it would offend them or hurt there feelings. 3. Start doing things for myself because I pour out so much that I forget about shanika and what I need to do for myself. 4. Stop answering my phone and just take a break from social media and get myself mental, health together restore myself with gods word and just refill myself. 5. Knowing who I am connected to in this season in my life. It is very important for me to know who I am connected to especially in my walk with Christ.

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